Hypnodeath 5

by Abraxas Apparatus

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about the Hypnodeath recordings:
My standard setup for live shows and recording includes a PS-2 Pitch Shifter/Delay Pedal that i bought second hand around 2006. I worked with this device for quite a while before i discovered an interesting side effect that occurs everytime i use a special setting on the FX pedal and my mixing console.
The mixer is used as a sound generator by producing a feedback noise caused by self oscillation of its electronic parts when connecting the input jack of a channel with the output. The PS-2 is placed between input and output of the mixer and adds a Doppler effect to the feedback signal. I am not a physicist or something, and i only have limited knowledge of accoustics and electronics so i can only understand parts of what happens there. I know how the Doppler shift works and how to produce it with a digital delay but i can´t really explain this downward movement in the loop.
Due to this lack of understanding the technical aspects of this effect, i rather decided to start a long term documentation and focus on the aesthetic sides of the Hypnodeath feedback, an attempt to gather the most beatiful sequences put out by the pedal itself, avoiding unnecessary knob-turning etc.
After i incidently recorded the first two takes of Hypnodeath in spring 2009, further attepts to get the same effect again were not successful. I almost started asking myself what mysterious static fields could have been in the air that night. I guess i was just too impatient to listen to the sounds long enough to notice it slowing and shifting down. In fact it never sounds the same twice.
Take #5, called Zombie Poison, recorded january 2011, is probably as close to perfection as can get, a prove of the PS2's artistic life of its own. Within the runtime of a usual CD/CDr, the recording reveals the full hypno cycle from pulsating doppler-ing in the beginning to a static flatline sine in the end.


released September 3, 2012




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